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Bycycle Inc bicycle saddle "One cheek at a time." - Ron Hinkley, Northwest Bicycles Bycycle Inc bicycle saddle
A comfortable & healthful saddle alternative.
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ELASTOMER BiSaddle® testimonals: Male, Female

FOAM BiSaddle® testimonials

ELASTOMER BiSaddle® testimonials

FOAM BiSaddle®

In my mid 30s I started to have pain while riding a conventional bike seat. I met with my doctor and due to a prior surgery, scar tissue had formed and cycling proved to be painful. I came to the conclusion I may not be able to ride again. Years went by and on a recent vacation my wife thought it might be fun to rent beach cruisers. The large seat helped but the pain was still there. I started to search the internet for a seat that would eliminate the pressure as I really enjoyed riding. I purchased the BiSaddle, adjusted the seat and my first ride was 16 miles. No pain. My tail bones rode on the padded areas and eliminated pressure put on the scar tissue. After three months I have increased my mileage to 60 miles and still no pain. The BiSaddle has been the answer to my problem and I now look forward to my weekly ride.

E M - CA

I have been using your original BiSaddle now for 5 years, and I love it. I originally tried it because of severe pain recieved from using a traditional saddle while training for a triathalon. Instant relief!

Just this week, I switched out my BiSaddle for a traditional saddle to see if I would still experience discomfort and pain. It lasted for one ride, and I am now back to my BiSadlle, and have just ordered another one for my son.

I guess you can say I am sold on BiSaddle.

K G - FL

Dear Jim Bombardier,

Well, it took a while to get it adjusted properly, and another while to get used to it, but I can now say your bike saddle is just great, and no more UTIs.

Good invention and I'm grateful, thanks.

R B (female) - MA

Chronic prostatitus was the diagnosis that ended my 100 mile a week road bike hobby about 15 years ago. My doctor at the time said I could try a mountain bike with rear suspension, but riding in the drops was over for me. So I spent $1400 on a Cannondale mountain bike and hated it. And guess what? It didn't relieve the pressure on the perineum that was causing the issue, but I didn't know that then. Fast forward 15 years and after doing some Google searches on biking and prostatitus, I found the BiSaddle. It felt kinda funky at first, but one thing was missing- pressure in the perineum. After getting the adjustment right, I was able to ride 10 miles without any inflammation! It's been 2 months now, 200 miles and my prostate is fine! So if you think $100 is too much to spend on a saddle, it sure beats blowing $$$$ on a new bike! In fact, I'm going to order another for my 1986 Specialized Allez Epic carbon fiber which is collecting dust right now in my garage. To my dr who pronounced my road biking dead on arrival- Bi Saddle is a miracle cure!

Rick S - Raleigh, NC

Hi Jim,

I cannot remember how long ago it was that I bought my BiSaddle from you - maybe six years? My son who is into mountain biking as well said that you cannot ride a bike with a seat that does not have a 'nose', and of course my friends - "what sort of seat is that.........". Well after battling with scrotum pain for about two years with a standard type seat and doing a bit of research on the web I had to do something - or stop biking ......... and that was not an option !!

My first ride with the new BiSaddle was different, and yes, it did take a little getting used to, different 'wear spots' on the sit bones and the saddlenose just not there as a steady for balance - but guess what - it was just like the advertising said - no more scrotum pain - hallelujah !! I was sold!

I will not go back to a standard saddle and I ride about 4,000 kilometres a year on my Rock Mountain Altitude. The BiSaddle is a great piece of kit, easily adjustable for the individual physical dimensions of each person to get a really comfortable ride.

So, yes Jim, maybe you haven't made money out of your project but you have removed some pain out of my life !! And probably a whole lot of other people as well.

L D -- Gold Coast, Australia

Initial BiSaddle impression – “Well, this can’t be any worse than the best seat I’ve had.” I got the steel frame with elastomer pads cause I’m cheap and weight is not an issue as I carry stuff with me. The elastomer is supposed to be firmer and since I’m no lightweight that seemed like the best idea. I weigh 205, carry a backpack with 10-15 in it, and the bike is a Trek 4300 (mountain bike) with 1.5” road tires.

First ride was the OWL night ride in Omaha on July 16, 2011 for 16 miles. At first, it was difficult to keep from shifting about since it felt fairly weird, but I soon realized I was just shifting around because that’s what I’ve been doing for 20 years on an uncomfortable perch of a seat. The only soreness I noticed the next day was the back of my legs just under the seat. I had been trying to scoot back too far the whole time and putting pressure on the muscle there. The lack of balance or control from the non-existent saddle nose was apparent at first, but then I realized I only had to change a bit of positioning to keep the seat where I needed it. When mounting up, I instinctively use the saddle nose to push against the clipped in leg until the other side is in. Just had to pay attention to what I was doing. Control while riding wasn’t even an issue. In fact, when I leaned forward, aero style with my hands out front and forearms on my handlebar, the seat was more comfortable on the backs of my hamstrings than the edges of a normal saddle. Since the seat contacted my legs higher up than normal, I am actually more solid in that position. I think that out of the saddle technical work will require good technique and less slop from the rider. Not a big deal if you’re as good as you think you are…

Monday’s ride to work, 17 miles. I angled the seat back a bit and narrowed the rear section a pinch. Still feels really strange but is getting better. Sore spots are pretty much history. There is no discomfort/borderline pain which my nice seat provided. Other than the time it’s taken to cool off, I don’t feel like I rode but a couple miles.

As with any new piece of equipment, this will take some adjustments. I was skeptical about this thing and surely didn’t want to drop $93.80 (with shipping) on just a seat. At this point I feel how the seat works and there is definitely no destructive pressure going on. Normally, my right toes go numb within 10 minutes; that’s not happening. One giant bonus is that since nothing is under the junk I’ll never get another kick there when hitting a pavement seam, stick, stray cat, whatever. That alone is worth the price. Best shock absorber of a seat ever. Additional bonus – ventilation since there’s nothing in the middle to block the breeze.

Thank you, Jim!

M. M.
Administrative Assistant III
Uniform Patrol Bureau
Deputy Chief's Office
Omaha Police Department

 I've had a BiSaddle for more than 6 years. Before I owned it, I tried a number of "short/no-nose" saddles, to see if I could find one that was comfortable for me, but none seemed to work for a fit, able-bodied racing cyclist. The BiSaddle was the first one that allowed me to tailor the fit precisely so that I could ride hard and in comfort.
I don't have any issues with "normal" saddles, but I did have a particular need for a very short saddle, to be used in conjunction with a front-mounted child seat. If you've ever seen the testimonial videos for these child seats, the adults all ride with a peculiar bow-legged pedalling action - this is because there is not enough space between the tip of the (normal) saddle and the child seat for standing over the top tube, so the saddle has to be set very low; not very good if you want to ride your bike properly... With the BiSaddle, I was able to ride with my son in comfort, and with the saddle set at the correct height for riding, not standing.

Neil C. - London, England

Just wanted to say thanks for developing and selling this product.
I've been bicycling since 7, and biking to work almost every day, generally around 10 miles a day, since I started working at 17, and am now 34.
It had become prohibitively uncomfortable due to what was diagnosed as BPH, and I had to mostly stand while riding, which not only wasn't efficient but it didn't even help that much. The grooved saddle designs really didn't help at all, so I knew I needed a radical change.
After getting a BiSaddle dialed in on my mountain bike, I've had no problems. I'm ordering one for my other bike, so I can actually ride it again. I looked at many options before getting my first one, but the BiSaddle stood out as the most adjustable, durable and logically designed, and it has proven itself to be all those things in daily usage.
It's hard for most people I know to relate to, but biking to work and back, and just for fun, is something I can't imagine not being able to do. The BiSaddle makes that possible for me, and I recommend it to anyone who bikes regularly.
Much thanks.

Matt - Colorado

I am 67 years old and retired in Florida. I like to keep reasonably fit so I bought a bicycle. My wife and I would go for rides that got longer and longer.
I had problems with my groin area falling asleep on bike rides as short as 3 miles. I searched for answers and accidently stumbled on the the BiSaddle website. I had purchased other seats and had no favorable results. I'm not one to fall for hype so I read and educated myself on the BiSaddle. I even consulted my son the doctor to see if the claims made any sense to him. We both agreed that the logic was sound and reasonable. I thought that my gamble of buying one wasn't too far fetched. That was in 2003.
When I received it, my first thoughts were "You've got to be kidding". It was the strangest looking seat I had ever seen. I put it on and adjusted it to the best of my ability. I went for a ride and it just didn't feel right. I took some tools with me and kept making slight adjustments until I got it right. When I did, it was almost like sitting on a custom seat that was absolutely perfect for me and molded especially for my small rear end. A short time later I went for a ride of 9.2 miles. Never had I felt such comfort on any other seat. My groin area never had any numbness to it. It was an exercise that had no pain or misery. What a difference it made. People see the seat now only when I am off my bicycle. When they inquire I tell them just how great it is, despite its funny look. I will never be without my BiSaddle again.
Thanks for a wonderful invention that should be on every bicycle.

Andy D. - Florida

I'm 74 years old and ride to keep in shape, and to enjoy the great scenic paved trails here in the SF Bay Area - although even the paved trails have plenty of bumps and cracks which are sharply transmitted upward on my road bike's hard tires (the new puncture resistant tires are especially hard, it seems to me.) I've been using my BiSaddle for several years now and it's a great relief to never have that old pressure against my groin! In yoga I learned to put pressure on my "sit bones" and that's exactly what my BiSaddle allows me to do; it's the only place where I feel any pressure now. With increasing age and desire for comfort I am about to try the new foam surfaces, but even without them I've been much happier with my BiSaddle than I was with any of the dozen other saddles (split, soft etc...) that I tried before coming to this solution. It did take me a few weeks to adjust it perfectly to my satisfaction and to get entirely used to riding with such a small saddle; but now I couldn't imagine bicycling on any other kind of saddle.

Stan L. - Berkeley, CA

I bought my BiSaddle because I was experiencing numbness when I rode my bike for more than 15 minutes with my old seat. I have now been using my BiSaddle for over 10 years with no problems. Over that time I have done lots of recreational biking as well as commuting to work. I have biked distances as long as 80 miles in one day. I couldn't imagine doing that on any other seat. At one point, I noticed that there were a lot of new designs in bike seats, so I decided to try some of them out at the bike shop to see if I liked any of them. None of them were as comfortable and as safe as my BiSaddle. If I couldn't bike on a BiSaddle, I'd probably stop biking.

Andrew D. - Seattle, WA

For years when bike riding I thought genital numbness was normal until prostate issues led me to decreased riding and than to none. Not wanting to give up biking I reviewed the internet, and even though I thought the BiSaddle looked funny and I was skeptical, I was desperate and decided to give it a try. I was immediately amazed how none of the private parts were affected and I had no genital numbness or discomfort, and best of all prostate protection was achieved. Upon using the BiSaddle I was surprisingly pleased that no padding was needed in my bike shorts when riding. I have ordered a 2nd BiSaddle for my other bike. To the younger riders I would encourage them, from a preventive standpoint, to switch to the BiSaddle. The old adage "pay me now or pay me later" could possibly come into play. I am 63, riding comfortably and say to the older riders...ride on!

Don W. - Omaha, NE

The saddle is truly comfortable and does not cause the physiological male "problems" that the original "nosed" saddle (without any center channel) caused for me (I am 52 yrs. old). No doubt that your saddle design prevents these problems, in my case anyway, without seeming to compromise pedaling power or even bike control for that matter. Prior to purchasing your saddles, I bought "The Seat by Ergo" but it still caused slight problems and made pedaling less efficient than with a "nosed" saddle. Anyway, you have a great product and I hope more will come to this realization! By the way, I even read the book about "Finding the Perfect Bicycle Seat" by Joshua Cohen and your seat meets almost all of the recommendations.

Thanks very much!

DF - Pennsylvania

(Editor Note 2/20/2009:)This is the email response from a customer who purchased a set of coverings for his BiSaddle after 25,000 miles over the past 5-6 years.
Jim - I do a 20 mile commute each day (Kent to Puyallup) and spend most of my time laying on aero bars. The BiSaddle is a good fit for that position because there is nothing between your legs (important for glandular reasons as well! The Dr. threatens my biking if I end up in the e-room again. No problems in that area since I've been on the BiSaddle). When the current saddle wears out I'll probably upgrade to the softer version, and would probably do that right now if I spent more time in an upright position. However, in a more prone position my arms are taking much of the weight and I don't really even notice the saddle. Foot clips are a must for added support since you don't have the support of a saddle between your legs. I get lots of questions about the BiSaddle, but do not see anyone else using it at this point. I think if there were more aero bars in use some may want to make the switch. Don't know how it would feel on drops because I have a straight bar.


DS - Tacoma, WA

Installed my BiSaddle in April, and now I know that I can't go back. It makes me wonder why the common bike seat evolved in the direction it did.
I think I accomplished about 95% of the adjustment in three increments in the first 100 miles. Now I only feel the need to change it every 50 or so. I'm beginning to think that my own geometry might not be symetric; my seat's turned about two degrees out of the plane of the frame. I thought the shims were for rare cases, maybe that's me. Shimmed or not, it's a great product. Saved my ass, so to speak.


JP - Portland, OR

PS: I had a big laugh reading The Oregonian article on bike fit last Wednesday. The sports medicine guy says he watches the pro's, and they handle the numbness problem by moving from side to side and standing up every few minutes. Haha! Turns out the symptoms are their own cure! (Thanks Doc, I'm already doing that. Be sure to send me your bill for this insight. Glad to have the medical community looking out for us like that. )

We spoke on the phone sometime back about your BiSaddle. You referred me to Ben at Cascade Cycling. I bought a BiSaddle from Ben and installed it on my bike atop a LT Thudbuster. My only regret about the BiSaddle is that I didn't put one on my bike the moment I bought it. Prior to the BiSaddle, I had three different well made, highly regarded conventional saddles on my bike. None of them provided anywhere near the comfort that the BiSaddle does. With the conventional saddles, I had to lift my weight off the saddle every hundred yards or so and then resettle onto the saddle. On my BiSaddle, I can easily ride 4-5 miles and more and not lift off the saddle even once. Talk about comfort! It's such a pleasure to fully settle my full weight (232 lbs) onto the BiSaddle and then completely relax and just ride, and ride, and ride.

Thank you for creating and producing the BiSaddle.

OF - Corvallis, OR

I bought one when they first came out and still love it. It's the only way I can stand to ride a bike. This purchase is for my girlfriend. She was always afraid to try mine but now that she did, she wants one too! We don't get to ride as often as we did but 40 miles isn't unusual when we go. Two or three miles is all I can stand with a normal saddle and no problems at all with 40 on the BiSaddle!

Thanks for a quality and innovative product!

DG - Alma, IL

I have been using your saddle for many years now and would like to cite another health feature I have experienced from the saddle. I note that unlike any other seat frame; the rear part of the BiSaddle frame is set exactly perpendicular to the rear of the seat cushion rather than descending at an angle as normal bike seats do. Because of this feature, the position of the seat will allow for a precise placement of the pelvis over the peddle cranks which allows for an exact up and down piston motion for my legs as opposed to a forward and then down motion.

The forward and then down motion which I experienced on my bike without your saddle, caused me to I develop terrible pains in my hip joints; now I no longer have these pains when I use your saddle instead of the previous saddle. I have examined other seats on bikes at the store and note that none allow for the precise placement for the pelvis over the pedal cranks as your bi saddle seat does. Again it is the seat cushion frame design of your saddle that allows for this precise placement of the bike seat over the pedal cranks.

I ride every day 25 miles round trip to work, so a consistent bad position, will have a dramatic impact for me.

Again, thank you for your saddle, without which I would surely be unable to ride as I do today.

RK - New York, NY

I have been riding one of your elastomer saddles for over a year and without it I know I wouldnít be riding at all. I wanted to resume cycling after ten years away from it, but having an enlarged, 58-year-old prostate, I was worried about health consequences. Your saddle has taken all the worries out of the equation. Not only have I been comfortable (after getting the adjustment right), but I put in a lot more miles of vigorous training than I anticipated. Iíve been as far as sixty miles on it, have climbed to our local ski area, started riding with a club and now average over 100 miles a week. Iíve had no problems with the saddle at all.

I also want to say that the bike handles beautifully with this saddle. Iíve come down the steep and curvy road from the ski area and cornered easily at over 30 miles per hour and have no balance or handling concerns at all. Riding in a pace line is completely secure. The question about the bi-saddle affecting handling is a non-issue.

Iíve been touting the saddle to my urologist, my internist and bike friends. The doctors think itís a great idea. The cyclistsí worry that it looks funny and some that itís too heavy. Wait till they have to deal with urinary urges from prostate problems, or medical procedures Ė that will slow them down a lot more than a few more ounces.

Thanks for this wonderful invention.

Bob S - Boise, Idaho

Hi there guys,

A couple of years ago, I purchased one of your Bisaddle seats for my mountain bike. Its taken me a while to remember to get back to you on my thoughts regarding it.

No melodrama intended, but its changed my life, at least as far as riding is concerned. I had tried every other "male specialty" seat I could find and none made any difference in my going totally numb after about ten minutes of riding. I tried your seat out of desperation. I thought I would have to give up cycling for good.

Wow! What a difference the Bisaddle made. It took a couple of hours to get acclimatized and I haven't looked back. I have never once gone numb on the Bisaddle. I have never been even remotely uncomfortable using it. You guys did a great job engineering this and I recomend it whenever I can. Its rare these days that you purchase a product that makes such a positive impact on your life.

Well done.

Brad C - Ontario Canada

Hi Jim,

I've been meaning to write you forever to let you know how much I love my BiSaddle. It "kicks ass" (not literally). It is incredibly comfortable. I never tilted my seat back as you suggested. After riding for a few weeks my body got used to the new weight distribution and my arms and shoulders no longer got fatigued.

Recently I have sat on a couple of regular saddles (riding someone else's bike) and they feel terrible. My balance on the BiSaddle is also very good now--I can ride with no hands if I want to (not that I do this very often).

A number of people have asked me about my seat. I have been telling them to google "bisaddle." I hope business is going well. The other day I saw another guy riding with a BiSaddle and I struck up a conversation with him. He had only had his for 2 weeks. I have the feeling the BiSaddle is going to take off as soon as it reaches a critical mass.

Thanks again!

Jim O - Portland, Oregon


I just wanted to say thank you for coming up with this innovative design, fabricating it and making it available for people. It was a God send for me as I found that I could no longer bike due to nerve compression in the groin. I had tried every saddle design I could find including those with a slot down the middle but they just made the problem worse. So I was willing to try anything.

When I first saw your website and saddle design I have to admit that I was a little skeptical. I had never seen anything like it. The proof was in the pudding however. I had taken a couple of months off to allow my nerves to heal again and gingerly tried your saddle. It was easy to configure although the elastomer was a little hard to sit on. However, for me that was a minor problem as I could bike again!

I have used your elastomer and steel saddle for a year now with no problems. And, I have just ordered your new design (foam and aluminum) to give that a try and will let you know how it works out.

Again, thank you so much for making these saddles available!

An avid bike commuter (again),

P. V. - Alberta, Canada

I've had the BiSaddle Seat for several months now, and am glad I got it. I tried a couple of other "alternative" seats, and they did not seem to offer the security of being cinched in to the seat.

I ride a mountain bike hybrid, on the road, in an upright position due to wrist pain. My previous problem with normal seats was that either I kept sliding forward on the seat, or, if I tried to angle the seat upwards, I'd end up impacting some sensitive parts of my anatomy. I needed to get rid of that damned horn.

When I first started riding with the BiSaddle seat, I found it to be quite hard (I'm used to lots of gel). I put a normal gel seat cover over the BiSaddle, and all was well. Just recently I tried it without the gel seat cover, and I guess I've toughened up as I don't need the gel anymore.

When I do crouch forward, as in a road bike hunch position, I've noticed that the BiSaddle is even more comfortable. I assume it was designed for road bike riding position. However, it does work just fine for my upright position too.

So, I'm a satisfied customer.

Dwight S., Newark, Ca.

I am extremely pleased, and tell others. My wife is ready to try mine, and that may mean we order another. The way I explain it to others is, if you swim, and know the comfort difference of not wearing a bathing suit, using a BiSaddle is comparable to swimming without a suit. I'm 62 and use a mountain bike frame with road tires, so I sit fairly upright. — P.C.

"I will be your Minnesota advocate." :

I simply have to email you to tell you that the design, engineering, materials and craftsmanship of your bisaddle is pure genius.

I received my first bisaddle Friday, and after setting it up according to your recommendations, took it on a 30 mile test ride. From the very first minute I was stunned at the amazing comfort. The moment I got home I asked my wife (who does our online purchasing) to please buy 2 more for my other 2 road bikes. Saturday I rode another 30 miles, and Sunday I rode 50 miles. The seat actually felt even better with each successive ride.

I am 52 years old, 6 foot 6 inches tall, 172 pounds. I am an avid biker on my 3 old school 12 speed road bikes. Over the years I gradually built up my riding to a level of 4,000 miles per year (my rides are usually 50 to 150 miles per day). I was in denial that something I loved as much as breathing could possibly do me any harm, but over time the hudrreds of hours on a seat, even though a very good Serfas Rx seat, gradually was reducing blood flow in an area no man wants this to happen.

Out of necessity I researched and fortunately found a link to your web page. I was apprehensive as to whether the quality would be high, and how it would feel to have no nose on my seat.

I am here to say that your seat not only is more comfortable for the seat bones than my Serfas, but it has the absolute advantage of no nose, and hence no pressure on important vessels and nerves. I now know there is no need for any recreational road biker to have a nose on their seat. I will never sit on a prehistoric seat again.

You have literally saved not only my physical, but my mental health and well being. THANK YOU.

I will be your Minnesota advocate.

I think there are two categories of people who need your seat. First, anyone, especially men, who ride recreationally on the road over 1,000 miles per year (to avoid the inevitable accumulative effects of pressure on important nerves and blood vessels). Secondly, anyone able to ride who rides less than 1,000 miles per year, because the only reason they would ride less, is because of pain and discomfort from their archaic seats. Your bisaddle solves everyone?s seat related biking problems, period.

Bill B.

Hi Jim- Your a freaking genius. With about 30 minutes of adjustment the seat is great. I can ride my bike again. Thanks Jim....Aloha Tom

Due to prostate surgery and some residual problems I was unable to ride a bike, something that I have done continuously for 30 years (I do not ever drive unless it is to go on a trip out of town).

Put simply, the BiSaddle put me back on my bikes - impossible otherwise.


The BiSaddle will be under my butt for Lance Armstrong's Tour of Hope next month in Washington!

Jim Bombardier has got the real deal here.

George C., Charleston, South Carolina

Dear BiSaddle,

I have ridden bikes all my life and road-raced for a couple of years in college in the early 80s. But since developing a chronic prostate condition in 1999 I was unable to even consider biking (the condition was not caused by biking, as I was not actively riding at the time).
My wife and I moved in 2003 to a particularly beautiful, rural part of upstate New York that is perfect for biking: little traffic, wide shoulders, challenging terrain and great scenery. But only because my father-in-law found the BiSaddle on an internet search and told me about it was I able to start riding again. Once I did, I was astounded to find that the BiSaddle is more comfortable than any office chair I have been able to find. It is the only thing I've found to sit on that doesn't put any pressure at all on the prostate area, which is what I need.
When I found out in summer 2004 that the BiSaddle allowed me to ride pain-free, I started riding more, and decided to try racing again this spring. So far I have participated in eight races as a USCF category 5 racer and have several top ten finishes. I've never felt the BiSaddle hampered my riding, and indeed I wouldn't even be able to ride at all without it. I am signed up for the Green Mountain Stage Race Labor Day weekend, and plan to move up to category 4 after this season and continue racing.
The new 2005 model padding is a big improvement on the earlier material, and I am looking forward to getting the new coverings, since in racing crashes do occur. I would tell anyone interested in the BiSaddle to try it out. I find that control with hands on the bars is just about the same as with a normal saddle. Riding no-hands is a bit harder, but is necessary to be able to eat during a race, and I've been able to learn to do it with a little practice. That's really about the only drawback of the saddle, and there again it's not a drawback at all compared to not being able to ride.
Thanks for designing and making available a product that has allowed me to get back into this exciting sport.
J.W. New York

After several hundred miles on the new saddle, the report is very positive. The key strength-- no genital numbness or discomfort regardless of the length of the ride-- remains a constant. Though to the world it is a curiousity, the saddle is an amazingly comfortable and essential part of cycling to me. I rode for several hundred miles on a two week tour and had incrediblly improved riding, compared to the "hole in the center" saddle I had used before. Bravo. Thanks for the vision.


July 17, 2005

Dear BiSaddle,

The primary focus of my exercise routine in my thirties, forties and early fifties consisted of noontime basketball at the local YMCA with my coworkers. Then injuries began to occur faster than my body could heal.

The next acceptable alternative was to limit my activity to jogging. In my late fifties, after arthritis began to rear its ugly head, I had to settle for walking 20-25 miles a week. In my mid sixties, arthritis reared much more than its ugly head, and I could no longer do much walking for exercise.

What next? It occurred to me that biking might be an answer. So, off to the local bicycle shop and I purchased my first bike since I was a teenager. It seemed the answer was at hand, and, although I did not become a dedicated cyclist, a few miles, several times a week, did wonders for my body and attitude!

Then (will nature never give up in it relentless motion) I had a scary prostate problem, The staff in my urologist’s office recommended that I stop biking. A technician even told me that he had been a devoted cyclist and had been forced to give it up because “there is nothing harder on the prostate than a bicycle seat.”

I was devastated. Where was I to turn to get exercise and at least try to keep the Grim Reaper at some distance behind my 72 year old bones?

Fortunately, a frantic search for information on the internet led me to BiSaddle! BiSaddle did the trick for me! About a year ago, I purchased a BiSaddle and have been delighted with it. What an attitude booster!! I can still reap the benefits of an exercise which is fun!

Thank you very much for your product.


I just wanted to drop you a note about my experience with the Bi-Saddle. I am a 47 year-old road rider, riding approximately 50 miles per week just about all year round. I weigh 225 lbs, and I'm 6' tall. I ride a Trek 5200 carbon fiber bike. I ride to improve my fitness, but I like to push myself to go as fast as I can, usually averaging about 18 MPH. I usually ride with a few friends, for some companionship, and competition. I am working up to my first 100K (62.5 miles). I have gone through three different saddles on the Trek trying to find comfort for my private parts. You see after 10-15 miles, I would develop numbness in the external genitalia. This was quite disconcerting. I did not know what damage I might be doing to myself while trying to improve my fitness. I found the Bi-Saddle on the internet and tried it. Set-up took some time and fine tuning, but once the seat was adjusted, and I was "broken in" to the saddle, I have found the saddle to be very comfortable. I have no numbness or discomfort in the privates. When I spoke to the inventor, he said use shorts with no padding, I kind of chuckled to myself. chamios pad. But he was right, the thinner the shorts, the better feel you get with the saddle. I highly recommend this saddle to anyone who rides a bike, period. Especially distance riders. I expect many road riders have this same problem, and just try to ignore it. We don't know the long-term effects of the trauma from normal bike seats. Why risk damage to such an important area of our bodies. The Bi-Saddle is a wonderful solution. Thank you for your well-researched & innovative product. It makes the difference between cycling & being unable to cycle to me. Well done!

PH, DC Texas

I am a police officer on the city wide bike unit in Chicago. When I started riding for the department my first weeks were plagued by a painful behind. So I set out to find a seat that would ease my pain. Luckily during a internet search I came across the BiSaddle. After comparing what I found on the internet I decided to order a BiSaddle. My weeks of pain on my behind were now behind me. It has been four seasons and this year we began riding year round, and I have not experienced any of the discomfort and pain normally associated with bike riding for extended periods(between 6 to 8 hours and on occasions longer.) I would not trade my BiSaddle for any others I have seen or used.

Police Officer T. S. - C.P.D. Unit 153 (Bikes)

I was a reasonably fit sportsman & casual cyclist in my late 50s who on a day with fine weather would happily get on my bike & cycle 15 miles with virtually no after effects. In July 2001 I had radical prostatectomy which left me with urinary incontinence. In March 2003 I had a urinary artificial sphincter fitted, which solved everyday leakage problems; except when I got on my bike. My very comfortable but otherwise ordinary gel saddle gave problems. I enlisted the help of two local cycle shops who searched their catalogues. They recommended a centre groove model, which they ordered specially, but as before, the pressure on the perineum caused leakage within a few yards. I was beginning to despair about finding a saddle that would resolve the difficulty, then I found your BiSaddle on the net & ordered one. I am delighted to say it has solved the leakage problem when cycling. I have not yet hit on the ideal personal setting for the saddle to achieve maximum comfort & am working on this but feel it is a matter of fine adjustment. I feel confident that I will find an acceptable setting in this respect. For me, this is already a huge step forward in that I can get on my bike again & do a few miles on a pleasant day. And there is the promise of more to come! Thank you for your well-researched & innovative product. It makes the difference between cycling & being unable to cycle to me. Well done!

G K T Exeter, England

I'm a life-long bike rider, but after I started doing some longer rides, things were getting very unhappy in my "saddle area." It was serious enough that I pretty much quit riding. Then along comes the BiSaddle, and when I gave it a try I was sold. Unlike other grooved saddles, The BiSaddle leaves sensitive areas 100% untouched while still providing good performance and connection to the bike. It is not an overstatement to say this seat is the only thing that has allowed me to keep riding.

Greg S., Portland, OR

Jim, just wanted you to know your Bisaddle is a keeper. I was prepairing all sorts of arguments to return it because it hurt; the front of the seats were pressing against the inside of my legs. Then I got a higher handlebar, some cycling shorts, and repositioned myself according to your directions and the hurt went away. I've now gone from 10-12 mile rides daily to 20-25 mile rides. I'm 73 and have been riding for 6 months after a 55 year non-riding period. (Geeze, that's more than most people have lived!!) I've now joined a spinning class at the gym and thing are going well. I'm the oldest in the group of 5 girls and 2 guys. Thanks for making me wait 100 miles before complaining and requesting money back.

Don, Coeur d'Alene, ID
Rails-to-Trails member

I've been using your saddle for a while now and I told you I'd put some opinions into words, so here it goes. When I first started reading about hornless saddles I immediately saw reviews about a significant loss in both balance and power. Being a triathlete losing these things would mean a loss in competitiveness. I resolved, however, to try out the saddle maybe just for training. After all, the reason I bought it was because I was holding back on extra and long distance rides because I was worried about "ED". When I received the saddle it was simple to put on the bike. When I took it for its first 10 kilometer ride, I was extremely uncomfortable and awkward. However, after 4-5 re-adjustments of both the angle and pad-positions and about half an hour, I had it almost where I wanted it. For the past two weeks I have been training on it, anywhere from 45 minute hill workouts to 50 mile constant heart-rate stuff. After a period of getting used to it, I have not noticed any loss in balance. I draft behind my friend next to speeding cars and I'm not worried because of the seat or anything. I've also not noticed a loss in power, although the muscle-groups were a little awkward until I got the seat at the right position. Bottom line is that once you get the seat where it feels good, it feels good. It may take a little while and more than a few rides, but its worth it. I train longer and harder because I know that riding won't make me impotent. Anyone who claims that my bike is slower because of the new saddle will get a good look at it during a race. Thanks.

John N - Washington, DC

The BiSaddle works extremely well for me as a road saddle. I have had a number of physical difficulties using any other type of saddle for the last five years. I have tried an exhausting number of non-traditional bicycle seats and have not found any other saddle that has the same comfort as the BiSaddle. In addition, I have been competing in road races and criteriums using the BiSaddle and I have been very pleased with its overall performance. Cycling is more than just a sport for me and I have been integrating this wonderful sport into my lifestyle for the last twenty years. I really felt a great sense of relief when I experienced immediate results from riding this new design. Getting me off my prostate gland by separating the two sections as far as they will go allows me comfort and prolonged desire to continue this great form of exercise and transportation. If you have ever had really bad pain from riding you can understand exactly what I mean. I am extremely grateful for having the BiSaddle.

S P - California

I already own one of your seats and have logged 3000+ miles on it on my road bike since last February. It's by far the best hornless cycling saddle around. I'd be happy to go for your lighter model when it comes out, and then use my present one as a backup.

By the way, I also bought the Hobson Easy Seat out of curiousity. I found that besides having a crude and poorly conceived design, it also seems to be cheaply manufactured. To me it's a waste of money at any price!

"The Seat" from Ergo is better made, but the design is very conducive to slipping and cannot be used with road bikes at all.

And as for "The Spongy Wonder™" - well, the only wonder here is how anyone could possibly ride it for more than a few miles.

Looking forward to your next batch.

Jess N.
Sebastopol, CA

I saw the article in the 15-Oct-02 edition of the WSJ. I sincerely hope the piece generates some big business. I still am riding on my seat and still do not believe how this weird saddle is sooooooo comfortable.

Best wishes,
Bill M

Subject: Tried the seat

First of all I want to share my BiSaddle experience with you. The product arrived shortly after our phone conversation around the middle of June. It came in a very unpretentious package which made no difference to me. I opened the package and looked at the saddle, I said to myself, No way am I putting my 275 lb. "frame" on this tiny thing.

Being some what of an adventurer I decided to keep the seat and wait for my bike tune-up time to have the seat professionally "Fitted " before I'd attempt my trial period. They guys at the shop looked at the saddle, called some other guys in, scratched their heads, laughed and made a few comments. Three days later I claimed my bike complete with the new saddle. I must say that the seat paled compared to the bike, it looked so small. The Tech. said he tried it out but it was hitting him in the wrong area. I informed him that the saddle needs to be adjusted to the rider.

I opened the seat all the way, and tightened it down and began my trial run. Please understand I did not have cycle shorts on so I was expecting a rough ride. I was pleasantly surprised. This funny seat was the most comfortable that I have ever ridden on, I was amazed at how comfortable the ride was. The next day I donned my riding shorts and went for a 13.6 mile ride, with no stops to make "adjustments" (if you know what I mean). I was amazed [at] the lack of pain in the southern regions that I have experienced on my other rides.

Since then I have been on several rides, in preparation for a MS ride on the 28 of Sept. I am sure that I will get some strange looks that I am getting accustomed to, but I am also sure I will be giving out your web site for those who want more information and to order. Thank you.

William M.

Jim, well, it's 9:15 p.m. eastern time, and yes it's dark. I just returned from a 35 mi ride without a bit of discomfort in my groin. And I was on the saddle (BiSaddle) the whole way! It really should give you a lot of satisfaction to have come out with something that has put many folks, I am sure, back on their bikes. Needless to say, I am more than pleased. The craftmanship, materials and most of all the design of your product are first rate. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. As I said before, this was my last chance to continue riding. And thanks to you, I can now.

M. R. - Louisville, Ky.

Well, it has been about 5 weeks since I inherited my [BiSaddle] bike seat from you, via [a friend].

Two comments: First of all, thanks very much! Second, I think it's great. Your literature (printed and web) was very useful, definitely alerting me to the potential of having something new to get used to and the need to adjust and readjust. ... on balance it was easier than I anticipated.

I made an initial adjustment with [a friend's] help, using his stationary trainer. I rode for a few days (I'm pretty much a daily commuter, about 35 mins. from my home to the Bainbridge ferry), then made a second adjustment.

For me, by far the most significant adjustment was the level of the seat. I began with the seat level, then tilted it back a few degrees, and voila! The bike, incidentally, is a Nishiki cross trainer type. Even before I got the seat adjusted correctly, I realized its benefits. I say this as an aging male with prostate concerns. So, hurrah! for you and your product.

Be well,
David S.

I have been an avid cyclist for over 7 years since I developed plantar fasciitis from doing step aerobics in the gym. Cycling is truly an excellent sport and a way to communicate with nature except for the numbness and pain which resulted from prolonged use of conventional bicycle seats. My wife and I have experienced this syndrome as we ride our bicycles almost every day.

We were about to give up this sport until I found the "BiSaddle" which truly changed our outlook. Since we started using the "BiSaddle" we have not experienced any perineal numbness or pain.

Recognizing the anatomical differences between the genders, a unique attribute of the "BiSaddle" is its adjustability to the comfort of the specific male or female user.

As a physician , aware of the long term consequence of pressure on the nerves and blood vessels in the perineum (groin area) which could include impotence in the male, I highly recommend the "BiSaddle" bicycle seat to anyone.


Riding the bike after the first adjustments to the saddle felt odd. It felt like a lot of saddle was missing but nevertheless I was still attached to the bike. It is like my spine is attached to the bike and my legs are totally free to work the pedals. At first I missed the horn, but as I found my new attachment to the bike, I have come to love the new feeling.

On long rides my butt gets tired and eventually sore, but sharp pains and numbness are nonexistent. As I travel about, men stop me and ask me about the saddle and I now carry some pamphlets in my bags to distribute.


I went to your web site to make sure it is still there. Nice to find you still have my testimonial on display. I just bought a new mountain bike with front and rear suspension, and of course I still use your bike seat. It's a great product, and the more I use it the better I like it.

Austen M.

We are coming back from Switzerland, and my father-in-law is thrilled with your saddle. As I said he had given up bicycling because of too much discomfort and now he is enjoying his bike again without the risk of harming himself. So, now, I need to order one of your saddles for my husband too.

Noelle F. - Sands Point, NY

Subject: Big Thank You.

I really appreciate your helping me out with the light and tire change tonight. The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful except for the dog that came out of nowhere in Butteville. Fortunately I was moving along at a pretty good clip and the dog is old and slow. He has chased me before, and is no big danger, but he really surprised me by coming out of the dark. Oh well...

The information on that bicycle saddle is at (I guess bicycle with the correct spelling was already taken.) The guy's name is Jim Bombardier, and he has been really responsive to questions.

I really like the saddle. It is no armchair, but it sure is a whole lot better than anything I have tried before. Take a look at the web site. He goes into pretty good detail on how to adjust the saddle and the benefits. He is also quite frank about the downsides that I mentioned, namely that it is heavier than other saddles and because it has no nose on it, riding no-handed is pretty much out of the question.

Also, for your information, I have absolutely zero financial interest in the saddle. It just happens to work for me. My principal interest is that the guy stays in business, because I am probably buying another bike and I will want another saddle for it.

Dave M. - Portland, OR

Six months after being treated for prostate cancer by palladium seed implants, I felt symptom free enough to brave trying to ride my bicycle again. I was successful for several weeks until a mountain bike trip resulted in injuring the prostate. I thought I might have to give up cycling.

I began searching the internet for an alternative seat. I felt I needed a seat that had a channel down the middle and the front part of the seat cut off. I found three alternatives on the internet and ordered all three hoping that at least one would work.

After trying all three I decided that one was over engineered. It rocked and twisted as I rode and felt unnatural. The second seat dug into my hamstring muscle even though it rocked as I rode. When I received the BiSaddle my first impression was that it was too small to offer sufficient support. I followed the instructions and adjusted the seat for maximum comfort and fit and it worked! There is a slight loss of control in mountain biking without the front of the seat between one's legs, but the effect is minor.

I am now riding both a road bike and a mountain bike at least three times a week for distances between 15 and 50 miles. There are no ill effects from riding on the BiSaddle and it is just as comfortable as a conventional seat. I am back in the saddle and enjoying being able to bike again!


This testimonial is a way for me to say thank you to the Double Pops bike seat people. I am a recreational rider at best and this summer I got back on my bike to train for Cycle Oregon- a week long bike tour through a portion of Oregon. I rode several bikes but really only settled on the bike I was going to use with three weeks to go until Cycle Oregon. The bike was a funky old Trek with triple gearing and a really unusual looking bike seat.

I literally didn't touch the seat adjustment at all. I didn't even move the seat up or down. I trained for the final three weeks and enjoyed the Double Pops seat. Despite its appearance and slightly different feel, it was a very pleasant surprise for me.

Fast forward to the end of the longest and hardest day of riding of my life near Baker, Oregon - 53 miles of uphill riding for which I was ill prepared. As I rode into camp that late afternoon, truly the only thing that didn't hurt was my derriere. As it turned out, we had another strenuous day and again I was very pleased that this borrowed bike saddle worked like a charm.

I was so pleased with it that I have since purchased a seat for my brother who cycled Oregon with me and had major problems with his expensive, state of the art saddle. Both my brother and I will be sporting Double Pops this fall if we can get another crack at Cycle Oregon 2000.


T. C. T. - Portland, OR

I was pleasantly pleased at how easy it was to adjust my new seat. I took some measurements from my old seat position which I transferred to the new saddle. I then used your advice to get started. I spent about 30 minutes testing different positions before feeling comfortable with the adjustments... I got back on the next day and did a 17 mile ride in the foothills over a challenging course and I loved it... I have now ridden your saddle for about 120 miles. It has been a very interesting experience. I have tried several positions now and I find on long rides my butt still gets a bit tired. The great news is that I have had no problems with numbness and my prostate and genital area feels 100 percent better.

R.P. - Sacramento, CA.


I am a 70 year old cancer survivor who recently rode 150 miles on a two-day bike ride using the Double Pops saddle. The ride followed a three month training period during which I rode 500 miles in preparation for the event. The ride and training was done on my British Moulton MK-III 3-speed bike with the longest day exceeding 80 hilly miles, 40 of which were with strong head winds. This feat would not be exceptional were it not for the fact that I have an artificial urinary sphincter implanted in my bottom to correct incontinence resulting from prostate cancer surgery.

The manufacturer of the AMS-800 device, and the Mayo Clinic who installed it, recommend a split seat consisting of two roughly-oval pads independently spring mounted. Although this seat worked fine for short rides around the neighborhood, it was too soft and springy for long rides and sapped my energy within two or three miles.

My mileage immediately doubled upon installing the Double Pops saddle this spring, and I was up to forty miles in a single day by a little over two months. I did not adjust any faster to a winter off with my old Books leather saddle when I was fifteen years younger!! I heartily recommend the Double Pops saddle. I plan to take it to Europe next year and install it on a rented bike as I tour Ireland.

Respectfully, Hugh H.
St. Louis, Missouri

I had been an avid cyclist for many years. However, a prostate problem forced me to stop riding….I am very excited to say that I have enjoyed several rides with (my daughter)…I may have a sore butt, but no prostate symptoms.….I now plan to spend many hours peddling alongside my daughter thanks to your saddle.

S.M. - Brooklyn, NY

Adjustment is the key to comfort and fit on your saddle. It took me a while, and I finally settled on a narrower angle, but I'm very pleased with the comfort.

I used a "Double Pops" seat through all seven days of Cycle Oregon. It is the first seat that I've found that I could tolerate after about 30 miles. It works so well that there is no residual discomfort after you get off the bike.

H.S. - Bainbridge Is, WA

I have been an avid runner and bicyclist in the past, and quit both due to injuries and wear and tear on my body. I started bicycling again as an alternative to driving on the weekends and evenings, and almost immediately started to feel discomfort again, even with a very nice saddle. I started using the Double “Pops” saddle and love it! In fact, I immediately felt as though I had more freedom on the bike. The comfortable cushions allowed me to feel attached to the bike through my arms and legs, rather than being pressed onto a saddle and attached through my seat. I’ve found it easier to power up hills and to enjoy bicycling. Any pain I feel is the pain that counts - from working my muscles and getting a great workout.

N.H. - Beaverton, OR

Randonneur Evaluator Testimonial

2011 NOTE: Mark, whose 2006 testimonial follows, completed the PBP this year riding the BiSaddle.

I have been using your Bycycle Saddle now for over a year. I ride about 8,000 miles a year. These rides range in length from 62 miles to 750 mile at "one go". What I mean here is that I belong to a bicycle club that rides ultra long-distance rides. These rides are time-limited so you have to keep riding to make these time limits. In fact the 750 mile ride is a qualification ride for RAAM (Race Across America)

Suffice it to say that I spend a lot of time "in-the-saddle".

Before I bought your saddle I had been changing saddles every few months in search of the perfect saddle. My groin area would be numb from all of the riding that I do. I found that a wider saddle was the way to go. Then I read some studies on the internet that said that the nose of the saddle would cut off the blood supply to the genitals. It would also pinch the nerves running though that same area. This made a lot of sense to me, so I began looking for a saddle that did not have a nose to it. I also read that there were some issues that the nose-less saddle is unstable and that people "fell" off them. When I tried your saddle I was "looking" for this instability I NEVER found this to be the case. In fact this saddle, once I found out how to adjust it to fit my sitz bones is SO comfortable that I can now ride my longer rides with out any injury.

You do not have to be a long-distance rider to benefit from this saddle. If you are looking for comfort, this saddle is the way to go, take it from one that spends an inordinate amount of time on the bike. You do not need the nose on the saddle to maintain control and comfort is the top priority when riding long distance.

Other Testimonials

I am a veteran cyclist and in my retirement, the bicycle is my primary transportation. I put in a lot of miles. Like many long time riders I have a pile of conventional seats in my bike shed, all failed to do the job for me. Even before my prostectomy I had the BiSaddle, but ever since I have been doubly glad to have it. Can't say enough about the product. It takes a bit to tweak the positioning, but once that is done you are good to go.

Thank you Bycycle Inc.

Glenn P. Seattle


I bought my first BiSaddle a few months back for my road bike and this new one is for my hybrid, which I ride once the temperature gets below freezing. Hopefully I have some weeks left before that but I need the extra traction of the wide tires in case there is any ice.
I am happy with the BiSaddle that I have. I do have to tweak the adjustments but it is a rideable seat, much more than another type I tried out and which makes me rock side to side with pedaling. The concept of the noseless saddle is a good one and I believe very much it is the only type of saddle I wish to ride.
If I get any more bikes (not soon), I'll probably buy another BiSaddle.

L. G. East Coast

Hi Jim,

I wanted to tell you how wonderful I find the BiSaddle!! I was miserable on my saddle and had developed certail issues. I started looking for alternative saddles and came across your site. I ordered one and after playing with the settings for a while I found my answer. Your saddle saved me from possibly giving up riding!! Its amazing the difference I feel while riding and afterward. I just ordered a second BiSaddle to hold onto as a spare. I can't imaging going back to a traditional saddle. Thanks so much for providing this saddle to riders. Its really for everyone, not just those of us having issues with traditional saddles. I highly recommend anyone who rides try one!!!!

L. P. (female) - Florida

Dear Jim,

My cycling history includes many years of mountain biking and training for mountain bike racing on the road bike. Three years ago I underwent a surgical procedure that involved the incision in the perineum (Ouch!!!!) As a result, riding a bike on a traditional saddle was no longer possible or advisable.
An internet search yielded information on various noseless saddles and I'm pleased that I chose to purchase a BiSaddle, with no need for further research. So far I've used your saddle on three bikes and I'm pleased to report that saddle discomfort is no longer a limiting factor. Unfortunately, your product does not solve my motivation and dietary limitations;)
Thanks for your product and keep working on new models.

C.M. - Austin, Texas

After many years of trying various bike seats and never finding one that did not cause me discomfort, I had an idea for a bike seat that would work for me. Turns out, this seat already exists; it is the BiSaddle!

This wonderful seat has changed my perspective on bicycling. I used to every so often hurt my testicles on the horn of various seats, but this has never happened since I started using the BiSaddle. I also used to experience odd discomforts & numbness "down there," but now those unwanted side effects are a thing of the past for me. I would never go back to a traditional bike seat, and I have a BiSaddle on each of my bicycles.

I think every bicycle rider out there owes it to themselves to try the BiSaddle; it is the best bike seat available.

M. W. - Portland, Oregon

I received my BiSaddle and all I have to say is Wow! I spent about 45 minutes mounting and adjusting my saddle for a good feel when I received it. The next day I rode a moderate ride of 43 miles non stop without standing up and very minimal irritation. On my old saddle I would start feeling a lot of pain after an hour and the rest of the rid would be hell from there. As a matter of fact when I was stopped at red lights I continued to sit on my BiSaddle rather than stand because I wanted to give it the ultimate sit test. It passed with flying colors.
After the ride I felt no numbness and no next day butt pain. The only irritation that I felt was so minimal (easily bearable) and it wasn't pain on my middle area it was on my sit bones. I think that I will have no problem riding a century with no severe pain and not having to stop. Your saddle is awesome and now I don't have to worry about the health issues that come with the average saddle. Thank you.

---J. G. Hawaii

Dear Jim,

I have been meaning to write to you about how much I am enjoying my bike now that I have the bisaddle. It took me a long time to figure out how to position the saddle, and then I had to get used to it, but eventually it became an essential part of my cycling life. I admit there were times early on when I thought, What have I done buying this crazy saddle! However, with your encouragement and the use of a trainer, eventually it all went as I hoped.
I completed a sportive a couple of weeks ago with only minor "point" pain, and have since done many miles with no pain at all. I've got a 110km sportive on July 18th and I'm looking forward to that, knowing that I can ride as long as I like! Thank you so much for the time and effort and thought that went into developing the saddle and also for your wonderful after-sales help.
I am so pleased with the saddle! So pleased with my cycling! So happy all the way around!

---M. R. Berkshire, UK (female)

After buying an expensive bike and enjoying the benefits of getting fit, I noticed an increasing numbness in the nether regions. This was still present no matter how I rejigged my bike fit or with a number of different types of conventional saddles including ones with strategically placed spaces. I tried another design of noseless saddle without success in terms of overall functionality and comfort. Somewhat in despair I then turned to the BiSaddle which immediately seems to have solved the problem in terms of symptoms and overall function. The variability of adjustment allows fine tuning which has been extremely useful. I'm grateful, thanks.

---D.M. Perth, W.Australia

I am a 5'8", 130 pound female who has ridden bicycles for almost 20 years. Recently, I had a problem develop with riding my bicycle due to an old injury in the perineum area. After surgery to remove a cyst, I searched the web for another bicycle seat that would take pressure off or not touch this area. I found the BiSaddle. I must admit when the seat arrived, I thought it probably wouldn't work. However, after trial rides, I found it eliminated the friction of rubbing on the soft tissue. I have been totally satisfied and impressed with this seat. Two more seats were ordered, and I now have one for each of my bikes. I strongly recommend the BiSaddle if you have any issue with regular bicycle seats.

---RT, Bloomington, IN

I had reached the end of the line with riding my bicycle and struggling with prostate discomfort, particularly after a biopsy (negative, thank goodness). I had pretty much given up and had decided to sell my bikes, but a friend of mine insisted that there must be a better way. I started a serious search on the internet for a solution and wound up buying a BiSaddle. It has made all the difference and my discomfort from riding has disappeared. It's a little difficult to get the saddle adjusted properly as there are so many degrees of freedom, but you wind up with a custom fit. I had used the BiSaddle on my road bike for quite some time with no problems and decided to take my hybrid, which had a standard saddle, on a neighborhood errand. The destination was only about 1 mile away, but the discomfort started almost immediately. I made it home ok, but felt the pain for several more days. Rather than throwing the hybrid away, I quickly sent away for another saddle. I've been using the saddles for two years now, and I couldn't be more pleased with the saddle or the service. Thanks for everything!

---Gary, Jacksonville, FL

This saddle we just ordered is my 4th and I still won't ride another. One on the Mercian winter bike, one on my track bike, one on my Specialized carbon bike and one on our Raleigh Tandem. Thanks again.

---C C, Rural SW Oregon

(1/5/2009) web posting note: The next testimonial comes as the initial version first followed by subsequent additive comments)

Wanted you to know that I'm using my BiSaddle with great success. I replaced my road bike's traditional saddle without adjusting the seat post at all, and found the BiSaddle comfortable from my very first ride. I've ridden 30 to 50 miles with it several times. My ride speeds have not been negatively affected, and my ride comfort has been greatly enhanced.

Great product. Very superior to traditional saddles, with none of numbness, pain, sexual problems, etc.


(subsequent comments)

When I got the seat I adjusted it to the recommended male spacing, and then carefully installed it so that the back of the BiSaddle was in exactly the same position as the back of the traditional saddle had been. I fully expected problems, and went on a tenuous first ride expecting that I'd have to return home after a few blocks of riding and make some adjustments. I rode 35 miles that first day on a route that included a couple of 35 to 40 mph descents, and was surprised that the BiSaddle was working as well as it was for me. I had read that some riders don't feel stable enough with noseless saddles on fast descents, so I went into it expecting a greater sense of instability, but didn't experience that.

The truth is that it doesn't feel all that different to me from a traditional saddle, except that I don't end up with the numbness/pain I had been experiencing. I wouldn't say that I was having major problems with my traditional saddle, except perhaps for noticeable discomfort on 75 mile or longer rides, but it doesn't make sense to me that any cyclist who experienced any discomfort at all wouldn't at least try out an alternative or two. I read a quote by Lance Armstrong where he said that perineum numbness is just a part of the sport. My view is that such comments come from younger people who are more willing to throw caution to the wind. It's really no different in my view than young people who eat an unhealthy diet. When you're young you tend to think that you're immune from the future consequences of your choices. I'm 58 years old and am in great shape, am in better condition than I was 20 years ago. The decisions I make today will impact my health 10 and 20 years from now. That's a fact of life for all of us, though most of us don't figure it out until we start experiencing some health problems.

---G B, TX rider

I love my BiSaddle! I have been bicycle commuting 20 miles a day, 4 days per week for over five years, and the last 4 months with the BiSaddle definitely have been the most comfortable!

My original reason for switching saddles was to find a short-nosed saddle that would fit with my front-loaded child carrier (the iBert). I researched the options very carefully before deciding to try the BiSaddle. Of the eight designs I considered, the BiSaddle seemed the most rational design for the serious cyclist. (Admittedly, most of my rides are short; however, I like to ride fast!)

My hope for the BiSaddle was that it would fit with my child carrier and not hamper my ride in any way. My hope was surpassed! The BiSaddle is much more comfortable that my previous (high end) seat, and I am never going back!

I have tried both the elastomer and the foam BiSaddle. To me, the foam one feels just a little bit softer; however, they are equally comfortable. I am sticking with the foam one because it weighs less. The saddle adjustment was easy for me; I needed only minor adjustments from the suggested starting position.

Overall, I highly recommend the BiSaddle!

---M M, Female CA rider

Last time we talked I promised you a testimonial after spending some time on your latest creation ... the visco-elastic foam Bi-Saddle and the aluminum frame.

Let me start by stating that I ride 20 to 60 miles every Saturday (plus some bike tours) and have used your original seat for five years. While I loved your original design, the new visco- elastic seat (and aluminum frame) takes comfort to an even higher level.

Before using your bike seats, I had purchased no fewer than five other designs, all in an attempt to find one that wouldn't cause me groin dis-comfort. Your Bi-Saddle did the trick! No, it may not look traditional .... and a few people may think the design is a bit strange, but they need to "get-over-it" and start using a seat truly designed for riders who want to do road miles in real comfort.

Thanks for your design. Your seat made it possible for me to both avoid medical problems AND ride long miles in comfort!!

---J C, Southern CA Road Biker

I have a question and a testimonial for you. I am a committed cyclist and ride both day-long tours, club rides and races. I successfully underwent surgery for prostate cancer in 2007. After being cleared to resume physical activities, I began cycling again with a traditional saddle, only to suffer complications and wind up back in the emergency room. I fortunately found the BiSaddle, which has worked beautifully. I would not have otherwise been able to resume riding.

Since last summer, I have ridden over 5000 miles with the Bisaddle, completed one century and numerous similar rides, and successfully completed in over a half dozen races. Iíve been using your foam saddle with the aluminum frame, which is vastly lighter than the steel frame model and, frankly, much more comfortable than the elastomer saddle. My question is whether you plan to produce an even lighter model, perhaps using carbon fiber instead of plastic in the ďhardĒ part of the saddle. I love the Bisaddle, but even the foam/aluminum model weighs 2-3 times more than a conventional saddle. [inventor's answer and question: a) The foam /aluminum BiSaddle is the best we can provide without additional financing, and b) what percentage of the overall weight of a bicycle should be available for a comfortable and healthful saddle?]

Two additional comments, based on experience. A new user of the BiSaddle definitely needs to fine tune the fit over the course of 100+ miles. You also need several hundred miles to get used to the fit. You lose some balance control without a horn, but this is something you can consciously work on. I have flat, low-traffic stretches on my routes where I ride without hands purely to develop my sense of balance using the BiSaddle. Finally, the fabric of your shorts affects how well the BiSaddle works. Cycling shorts with slick finishes donít work very well with the BiSaddle Ė you slip around too much, Iíve found. The finish of many brands Ė Pearl Izumi, for example Ė are not slick and work quite well.

Thanks for producing the BiSaddle Ė itís a great product.

---P S, Boston, MA

I bought one of your saddle seats earlier this year. I just wanted to say I am very happy with it. I do not ride much but it has solved most of the comfort issues and it also enables me to ride without putting padded bike pants on.

Great stuff.

---C E, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I want a place in the BiSaddle choir, I have some praises to sing!!

6 weeks ago I injured my tail bone and have been unable to ride. Based on the slow healing I was not expecting to ride for several more weeks, maybe months the way it is feeling as I had tried riding recently and could literally go only a few feet .

I decided to research the market for some kind of split saddle in hopes of a long shot of being able to ride. The BiSaddle was the only one of its design that gives the adjustments, had a wide V in the back so I tried it.
I put the BiSaddle on my bike in the initial recommended position and made a couple of circles in our wide driveway. After a couple of rounds I literally yelled to my wife " I can ride". No pain in the but - at all. I left out and rode to the end of our lane, almost 2 miles and back, could have gone for miles!
I will be able to ride with my sons in the rally this weekend. I was really disappointed that I was not going to ride with them as my oldest son is about to leave for college and this was to be his first and only rally.

I also tried it on the mountain bike. The two bikes have different size stems so the readjusting takes a little while. Because I cannot see any reason to ever go back to the regular saddle which always made me numb and cut off the blood supply, I want another saddle for the other bike.

I CAN RIDE!!! Thanks

---KH, Texas

I have ridden a Trek 5200 from 1999 through 2005, when I purchased a Trek Madone 5.9, which I have ridden since. I ride about 2,500 miles per year. Within the last two weekends, my son and I participated in Cycle Across Maryland, doing 200+ miles in three days. My son was also on a Trek bike, but he was using the standard racing saddle while I had the BiSaddle. After about 100 miles of riding, my son was saddle sore, while I felt fine riding on my BiSaddle. We both had biking shorts on. Having a saddle that supports the pelvic bones vs. having the bones extending over the edges of the saddle with no support seems like such an obvious solution to saddle pain that I don't know why every bike is not outfitted with a BiSaddle. Why would anyone take the chance of damaging their genital nerves and vessels riding a regular racing saddle?

A couple years back I was having problems with pressure points on my vessels and nerves and with general saddle soreness using the standard racing saddles that come with Trek bikes. I could not continue biking without a lot of personnel sacrifice. I started doing some Internet research to see if there was anything that would be more gentle to the pelvic and genital area. I bought one pelvic-support saddle, but did not like it. After that I tried again by purchasing a BiSaddle. I went out for a ride and stopped along the way to adjust the saddle height and angle. The saddle put me a little more forward on my Trek bike, so I purchased another headset that extended forward a few more centimeters. With that adjustment, I now ride pain free, without any further worry about damaging my groin area. Those vessels and nerves that were being crushed by the racing saddle now seem to have come back to return all the functionality that I had lost. I love biking and the BiSaddle allowed me to get back onto my Trek bike instead of putting it into storage. Thanks for this great product. Everyone that owns a bike needs to go out and buy this product. I do not understand why this has not become the standard saddle sold on all new bicycles.

Get with it, bicycle manufacturers!!

---Bob, Washington D.C. area

Yo, Listen up here DUDES !!

I bought a foam BiSaddle for my hybrid bike and was impressed enough to order another for my road bike a few months later. However, I thought that a softer foam seat would be the ticket to improved comfort and emailed Bycycle my concerns and suggested softer surfaces. Bycycle Inc. went out of their way to individually manufacture a set of softer foam surfaces and shipped them to me at NO COST for my evaluation. After a few weeks of experimentation, I quickly concluded that the harder foam surfaces are better, despite my preconceived notions.

Oh, and as to Bycycle Inc's corporate philosophy part, I can tell you that the word greed is not included in their lexicon. I can only say ---- try it and you'll be delighted.

---A K in PA

I have used the saddle the past three weeks and it has worked wonderfully, I have had no problems at all, and it does what it advertised. I have written my Dr. a short note to pass on your website to patients that might have been limited in the past with the use of more traditional saddles.


---Brian W.

The first ride was a 12 mile pre-work 2 days ago. The very quick realization was that the points on the sitz bones were still grounded nicely but lacked the sharpness at contact, that never was pain but now feels more comfortable and inviting, rather than just being good for me.

Now 4 rides in, a total of about 66 miles (3x 12 + 30 on sunday). The realization is that the kindness to the soft spots is a great thing. Having developed caution when I read the first article on the cover of Bicycling Magazine which addressed cycling-induced impotence, and having lived with regular genital numbness, the first shift was to 100% freedom from that experience or worry. The new insight is to real comfort and freedom from numbness. There is no going back.The 3,000-4,000 miles per year are all much happier than they ever had been before the BiSaddle.
---Jeff S.

I now have about a month on the new foam saddle surface, with one on my mountain bike and one on my road bike. I would say that is an improvement on both bikes, initially subtle, but it grows on you.

In each case, the first thing that I noticed as I was dialing it in is that the biggest difference from the old surface is that precise individual fit is not as critical for optimal comfort. That is, it took many less iterations with the wrenches to get to what Jim calls the "cup your bones" fit.

The second thing that I noticed is that you stay comfortable forever. There is simply an extension from the old surface of the time that you can stay up there without squireming around to find a comfortable position. In summary, this saddle is a huge advance over anything that I have ever been on before.
---George C.

We rode the Ironhorse race this weekend and I really like the new saddle. A little softer is good. Can't wait for the aluminum rails. ---Ed C.

Foam Surface Development Feedback

Randonneur Evaluator

The saddle works great, I like that the softer material seems to lessen the "chip seal" road vibrations better. I did some standing just to change positions. This last set of "bum"-pers has a good transition too. I could drop into my tuck position and hit 48 mph on a downhill without any discomfort. Or on a long climb I could situp and allow my lungs to breathe better, again without discomfort.

No issues with the saddle. But one of the guys that I rode with noticed that the wire was flexing as I rode. I am using the aluminum frame on the distance bike. Don't know if that is a concern or not. The flex would be fine (dampens the vibrations) if it does not fatigue the metal. (inventors note: 2024 aluminum is good for 500,000,000 flexations)

I completed a 24 hour ride this weekend. That means that we (team of 5) rode for 250 miles in 24 hours. Not a fast ride but in the saddle for about 20 hours total! Boy, this saddle works great. Now I am absolutely convinced that this is the right saddle! Thank you for being so determined to make and sell theses saddles.

I rode the Northwest Crank, it was a three day ride of about 100 miles per day, with about 6000 feet of climbing per day. My butt thanks you!! :-) I used the new bum-pers that are labeled "A", I think its an "A". I did notice a change in firmness from the last set by pressing on the foam with my finger. But what I noticed more is that riding day after day that I felt that I could ride the next day and not feel the soreness that I have had on last years rides of similar length.

I am absolutely convinced that the "numbness" is gone and is no longer a problem. And that your saddle is the ticket.

The 400K was a great ride, very fast. Again the saddle performed beyond my expectations. 250 miles in under 16 hours and not a sore butt in sight! Such a relief, I thought that I might have to give up my passion for riding, but with this new BiSaddle I can continue to ride the long distances. Now it is my legs that feel the pain, as it should be, and not my butt!


Bike Police Evaluators

When I arrived at work I put it on and went for a quick 20 mile ride. In all appearances the saddle looks like the original but the feel is a great improvement. This saddle is a lot more comfortable then the original. I work a 10 hour shift and am pretty much on the bike most on the time (8 of the 10 hours) and the level of comfort is a great improvement.

The new saddle is a great improvement from the original. The saddle is so much more comfortable that I don't mind being on it for the long hours that my job requires. The saddle has held up well and still looks to have no wear on it. I have enjoyed using the saddle. I am very thankful that you have gone the extra mile to research and improve your product. The health benefits of a hornless saddle are amazing and the comfort of your design makes it a pleasure to ride. Thank you.

The new material is great. Everyone likes it a lot more than the older one. I have been putting a lot of miles on it to see if there are any wear spots or soft spots in the under material but none have developed. It does feel lighter then the other material and the back of the saddle (wing or fin) appears to be not as high as the first saddles. The lower back makes it a lot easier to come off the back of the saddle while going down hill. The improvements are a lot more comfortable and everyone that I've shown it to and that have ridden on the new saddle like it more. My ridding partner is now switching from the "seat" to the bisaddle. He likes the improvements a lot.

I have let everyone and anyone use the new seat that wanted to. It appears to be holding up really well. I have not noticed any soft spots or weakness in the material. Everyone who has ridden on it says they like it a lot. I have taken my bike down and up stairs, over curbs and have dropped it several times during arrests and chases and the saddle has held up very well. No signs of abuse on the outer part of the saddle and no soft or weak spots on the saddle itself.

Thanks again for all the research and improvements you have done and are doing.

ELASTOMER BiSaddle® testimonials - Female


I have chosen my BiSaddle over any other seat on my bicycles for 10 years now. My BiSaddle has cradled my sit bones happily along the coast of Ireland, across the island of Mallorca, along the Danube in Germany and Austria, around Lake Champlain, along the Erie Canal from Niagra Falls to the Hudson River, and as a daily commuter for 4 years in Indiana and New York. There is nothing like it. The BiSaddle gets almost as much attention as my Bike Friday whenever I travel or participate in a group ride. Just this weekend I rode a century on my BiSaddle and had as comfortable a bottom after 100 miles as I did at the start. Try one, you'll never go back.
Thanks, Jim

M F - Roseburg, OR

After researching bike seats on the internet the BiSaddle really caught my eye. The ability to adjust it to fit individual anatomies and skeletal issues intrigued me. So I went into Cascade Cycling and bought the BiSaddle. The guy there was great and let me use it for a 10 mile bike ride to test it out.
The seat felt weird at first (because of the back cupping lips) so I tried all the possible adjustments as I rode. I ended up with the nose ends tight together and the rear ends flared out as far as they would go. In that position it feels like my pelvic bones are cupped and held gently by the seat. And it also felt good not to have the front of the seat rubbing between my thighs. It's amazing but after ten miles I had NO back pain. None whatsoever. Usually the pain begins after 3 miles, and boy do I hate bumps of any kind! After more than 20 years of severe back pain while cycling I can't believe it!
A bike seat always puts too much pressure on my tailbone (which is tilted). I didn't think it was possible to ride pain free and have been dreading the time I'd have to give up cycling because of the intense pain. I'm a 63 year old woman who's been riding 56 years and hope I have 20 more years on my bike! All thanks to you.
Thanks again. The price seemed like a bargain to me!

T R - Portland, OR

I had an elastomer saddle (bought 2 years ago) that I was really happy with. At the time I did a big search on the internet for alternative style saddles and was most convinced by the Bisaddle, so purchased one to "give it a go". It was great. It made longer rides so much more enjoyable. The Bisaddle allowed me to have better posture because it wasn't hurting me anymore sitting forward (with my pelvis tilted forward in line with my back) allowing me to have a straighter back.
Unfortunately my bike got stolen and the saddle went with it and I am replacing it.

Cheers, Becky HT - Australia

I absolutely love the saddle. I like to ride my bicycle to work but had given up on the idea because of continuing spinal pain. With the saddle there is no pain whatsoever. It is incredibly comfortable and I can't wait to explore some trails on my days off. The saddle is truly a great product!

Wendy N.

In less than one week, I have ridden with the Bisaddle on my road bike for 126 miles. I am pleased to write that the saddle has been comfortable from the first mile to the last. For the first time in years I have been able to ride with no saddle-related problems. Thank you for making it possible for me to ride again. I am truly grateful.

M W - New York, NY

I am now the proud owner of two BiSaddles. I don't usually ride such long distances, (seldom more than an hour), but I live in a place that has hot humid summers, and I was getting severe heat rash from my regular platform saddle even when I rode for only short distances. I wanted the BiSaddle because I thought it might help with that problem.

When I first got it, I had a little trouble getting used to it because I didn't have it adjusted correctly. But once I got the perfect tilt, I found that it was much more comfortable than my other saddle. Not only did the heat rash problem go away, but I was able to peddle much more efficiently. I live and ride in the big city of Tokyo and have to make frequent and sometimes sudden stops. I have had to keep my saddle level fairly low, so I could put my foot firmly on the ground if I needed to stop suddenly. But I have discovered that with the BiSaddle I can get on and off so easily that I don't need to keep my saddle so low. And yet, I never feel like I am going to fall off the saddle. I raise my saddle up higher and get much better pedaling efficiency.

I have a second bicycle in Korea where we live part time, and I found that after getting used to the BiSaddle, I was unhappy going back to the platform saddle. It felt really uncomfortable. So I was thrilled to get my second BiSaddle in place there too.

J. O.
Tokyo, Japan

I love my Double Pops seat! After years of recreational riding, I am getting into long distance touring and this seat has become a necessity. I find the "custom fit" of the seat very comfortable.

Carla P. - New Carlisle, Oh

I have one of your seats and love it.

T. B. - Morgan Hill, CA

As I progressed from 20 mile rides to longer rides, I would return feeling like I had a urinary tract infection, with symptoms lasting up to three days. A saddle with a cut-out helped somewhat, but I had to ride sitting far back on the ridge to avoid pressure on my soft tissue. With the Double "POPS" saddle, I have no problems with pressure on soft tissue in the front. I still have to deal with tired "sit bones" but that's easy by comparison. Thanks!

L.Y. - St. Helens, OR



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