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Foam Surfaces 2013

This page is being revised to reflect the optional 5, 6 or 7 layers of foam as well as the original or reduced lip of the hard inner part customization of the surfaces
The current information reflects the foam surfaces that were made from 2006 to 2013 with the exception of some reduced rear lip surface pairs made/sold starting in 2011.

foam BiSaddle surfaces process

The outer material is a "visco-elastic foam" as compared to the "visco-elastic elastomer" on our original BiSaddle®. The foam surfaces have the same contours as the elastomer except for the back lip being lower, they provide a more consistent softness than the elastomer ones, are lighter by 35% and a little less "springy" than the elastomer. The softness may be a problem for a few riders but our police and randonneuer evaluators asked for this softness with this material and the smaller raised lip in the back....the weight loss is an added benefit.

The foam surfaces are hand crafted by stacking 5, 6 or 7 layers of different softness foam, shaping that block to our surface design contours, then applying a 1/32" outer foam layer and finally putting on our 4-way stretch covering.

With our elastomer BiSaddle®, the 4-way stretch coverings were optional, but are required with the foam hand crafted surfaces.

Price of hand crafted foam surfaces is $250.00/350.00 plus shipping.

saddle inner core Hard inner portion/core.
foam surface 7 layers applied In this picture 7 layers of a specific ISOLOSS product are applied.
foam surface being shaped The layers are then shaped as a whole before being covered overall with another layer.
foam surface shaped The foam surface after being shaped.
foam surface after final ISOLOSS layer applied The shaped layers are then covered overall with another ISOLOSS layer.
foam surfaces with coverings The hand crafted foam surfaces are protected with 4-way stretch coverings.

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